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MLS Photo rules and Tips for RAM listings

Take a moment to refresh your knowledge on the MLS photo rules pertaining to RAM listings in Paragon MLS.   Digital images are an important part of the listing and get viewed by thousands of potential home buyers when the listing is posted on public websites and search portals. Digital Photo Requirements Paragon has size limitations…

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Enter a listing using Paragon Connect

Did you know you can now ADD/EDIT a listing in Paragon Connect?   This feature was enabled in the lat major update in Paragon MLS.   Paragon Connect is your same Paragon MLS but is designed for use on your mobile phone, tablet, and can ALSO be used on your regular computer.    Paragon Connect is…

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Search by Listing Agent or Firm is now working again!

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A few months ago, we had to disable the ability in Paragon to search by Listing Agent or Firm. We are happy to announce that this feature has been restored but without the ability to Save that Search or to Assign that Search to an existing Contact. Why was it removed in the first place?…

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Top MLS questions in April

Things are back in full swing again with Maui real estate.   As business continues to pick up so do our incoming calls and questions about MLS.      Let’s take a look at the top calls from last month.   Some of our most common questions have answers worth sharing with all RAM REALTORS.   Take a moment…

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