On the morning of Saturday, Sept. 14, Realtors across the state teamed up to make a difference for elementary, intermediate and high school students as part of the second annual Hawaii Realtors’ Realtor Action Day, a statewide community service event that encourages Hawaii’s Realtors to volunteer on the same day and at the same time.

Earlier this year, RAM sent applications to local schools so they could submit a campus beautification project for volunteers to complete on Realtor Action Day. RAM received applications from four schools and ultimately decided to serve all of them: Lahaina Intermediate School, Maui High School, Pomaika‘i Elementary School, and Waihe‘e Elementary School. 

At Waihe‘e Elementary School, 68 volunteers arrived on campus bright and early on the morning of Sept. 14. After a quick review of the “honey-do” list, they rolled up their sleeves, opened several cans of paint, and got to work. By the end of the day, they had painted the curbs along the front of the school’s pick-up/drop-off area; sets of footprints along the pick-up/drop-off curb; six-inch-tall parking stall numbers in the teachers’ parking lot; and tetherball bases, four-square courts, and hopscotch grids on the school’s playground. 

Gloria Ezera of Fine Island Properties coordinated the Waihe‘e Elementary School project (she also serves as the school’s designated coordinator for the RAM Community Foundation’s Wishing Well for Maui Students program). “It wouldn’t have been successful without the support of [Waihe‘e Elementary School] principal Paula Inouye, vice principal Mitch Wendorf, and especially the coordination of Kariane Park-Toyama in helping to organize and get the word out,” she said. “And of course, all of the staff, students, families and alumni of Waihe‘e Elementary who helped prepare and work that day. It takes a village to get everything that we did done. Everyone just stepped in to help how they could. It was a great example of community involvement and demonstration of the love for the staff and school.”

At Pomaika‘i Elementary School, 11 volunteers spent the morning sprucing up the campus. They cleaned a large concrete wall that is used to display students’ artwork; it was covered in sticky glue residue. “It was harder than we thought, so everyone was sweating cleaning it,” said Jane Ng of Keller Williams Realty, who served as the coordinator for the Pomaika‘i Elementary School project. “But it didn’t take that long since we had enough hands there to help.” The team of volunteers also reassembled pieces of a colorful honu (turtle) mural and mounted it on a wall at the base of a stairway inside the school. “We had to make sure it was put up straight, so we gave it to the ones with a good eye and precision,” Ng said.

Ezera and Ng encourage all Maui residents (there’s no RAM membership required) of all ages to consider signing up for next year’s Realtor Action Day. “It’s a great way to be involved and give back to your community,” Ezera said.

Ng agrees wholeheartedly. “It’s just a great way to give back to the community, and if you have kids, a great excuse to get them out of the house,” she said. “Most projects really don’t take long, especially with more people—and you get to meet new friends.”

To learn more about Hawaii Realtors’ Realtor Action Day or to take a peek at previous Realtor Action Day projects, visit https://www.hawaiirealtors.com/rad/.

The Maui News – October 19, 2019

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