mea kāko’o: may-uh ka-ko-o

In 2017, Mea Kāko‘o was established to further benefit the REALTORS® Presidential Scholarship Fund. Translated, Mea Kāko‘o means “sponsor” and each Mea Kāko‘o has directly donated $1,000 to RAM’s scholarship fund to benefit Maui County students.

Mea Kāko‘o are recognized for their contribution in promotional materials for the RAM annual installation event in September as well as at the event itself. Mea Kāko‘o are also given an exclusive logo designating them as a Mea Kāko‘o for the year in which they donate.

To become Mea Kāko’o, please contact RAM today at 808-873-8585.


Mahalo (thank you) to our 2017 Mea Kāko‘o sponsors: