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Here are some suggestions and tips that will help to make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of being a RAM MLS member. Can you complete all 10 in 30 days? Contact RAM MLS at 270-4644 if you need help completing any of these tasks, or if the video guide is unclear.

1. Complete the Paragon Academy and Collab Center Trainings

2. Practice auto-filling a new listing using Tax Search

3. Bookmark on your Desktop or PC

4. Add a Shortcut Icon to Paragon Connect on your phone

5. Attend a Paragon Training class in the next 30 days

6. Attend a Caravan or add your next listing to Caravan

7. Download HomeSnap and create an Agent Account

8. Create a free Agent Profile

9. Create a free RPR account

10. Setup your Paragon Profile and Preferences

Watch this video below if you need help completing any of these 10 suggestions.

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