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MLS Data Feeds

See a Diagram of the Data Feed Types

REALTORS® Association of Maui offers four types of data feeds to our members. They are shown below in order of complexity, simple to complex.

  • IDX - Smart Frame - Smart dynamic link to our Active Listing Database, updated several times a day, includes up to 30 photos per listing. Limited number of fields are displayed.
    Implementation ranges from five simple hyper links to passing specific custom search queries linked to a button.
    Five simple links are Search Form, Map Search, New Listings, Featured (Agent's) Listings and Open Houses.
    The display form's colors and background can be adjusted to match the look and feel of your website.
    Currently over 350 agents subscribe to this and generate over 1 million search requests per month.
    Easy to implement.
    Cost - $50 setup, $35 per month plus annual GE tax

    Sample Agent/Office Sites using WebSearch:

  • IDX - XML Feed - Dynamic link to our Active Listing Database.
    The XML feed is a transient feed. Data may not be cached or put into a database.
    Direct queries from subscribing website against our Active Listing Database, totally customizable with more complex programming required on subscriber's website to "catch" data stream components sent from our server and assemble the display. License agreement required.
    Professional programming by your website developer is required on Agent Page server to set up, low ongoing maintenance required once set up.
    Cost - $50 setup, $35 per month plus annual GE tax

    Technical Info regarding XML feed:

  • AGENT IDX - RETS Feed - Your website developer builds and maintains a database of active listings. That database is updated by direct queries against our Active Listing Database (currently using RETS version 1.5). License agreement required.
    Professional programming required on Agent Page server to set up.
    NEW AGENT PRICING SCHEDULE:  Cost - $100 setup, $50 per month plus annual GE tax, billed to the Realtor® subscribing to MLS.
  • This feed subscription can be used for multiple vendors to provide services to the subscribing Realtor® (eg. Vendor A providing Website search, Vendor B providing Mobile Application, Vendor C providing a CMA solution for the subscribing Realtor®).
  • Office IDX - RETS Feed - When Brokerage contracts with a Vendor to provide IDX services to Brokerage's Agents via Subdomain or Subfolder of Brokerage's Website Domain. 
    Cost - $150 setup, $100 per month plus annual GE tax, for use by only one vendor
  • We do not offer a Vendor Bulk feed at this time.

    Information regarding RETS specifications:
  • Broker RETS Feed - Your website developer builds and maintains a database of the subscribing Broker's listings. Includes only listings for the Broker's Office/Firm, however can include any or all statuses (Active, Sold, Expired, Canceled, etc). Includes all fields in all listings belonging to the office and/or firm. Does not include any listings from other companies.
    Cost - Free
  • VOW [Virtual Office Website] - RETS data feed of ALL Listings in MLS Database [all data fields except expiration date].
    You build, maintain, host and serve up the database.
    This requires a special license agreement.
    Most complex professional programming required due to use of all data fields and volume of listings. Constant ongoing maintenance required to update data once set up.
    Cost - $200 setup, $100 per month plus annual GE tax

    For more information regarding any of these options, please contact
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